Reversible Hydraulic Flow

The Cool Flow is engineered to allow full hydraulic flow to the attachment from either direction with no risk of damage. This flexibility is highly useful for multiple attachment styles. The design also protects the cooler if an operator accidentally reverses hoses, or if a coupler becomes detached.

Easy Access

The bottom screen slides out for convenient debris removal, and the heavy-duty top protective screen can be easily removed.

Cooling With, Or Without Attachment

The Cool Flow is roof-mounted, and stays with your machine. Because of this, the cooler provides auxiliary cooling with any other professional, extreme-duty attachments. No extra wires. No additional steps. Just hook and unhook attachments normally.

High Capacity Cooling

Twin 14-inch diameter fans, an aluminum brazed core and a peak flow of 50 GPM push cooling to 140,000 BTU's per hour. Fan speed is controlled by a 12-volt system and an automatic thermostatically controlled on/off switch. A cold weather bypass is also included for startup.


The Cool Flow includes mounting feet for permanently attaching the unit to a machine. This reduces contamination and attachment vibrations, as well as decreases the likelihood of damage from an impact. Model-specific mounting kits and hydraulic hose kits are available for Takeuchi and Kubota.

Professional Grade Construction

High quality craftsmanship, a heavy-duty frame and premium screens combine for a product that is built to perform under the most demanding working conditions.