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Cooler Mulching Heads Prevail

New Mulching Heads Prove Successful for Kansas Contractor Horizontal drum mulchers, or mulching heads, are commonly used in many industries, from forestry to land clearing. Perhaps the most work for this tool, however, is in right-of-way vegetation management. These contractors rely heavily on their mulching attachments to help deal with trees, brush and other vegetation […]
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Compact Equipment Can Equal Big Efficiency in Right-of-Way Vegetation Management

A large-scale mechanical tree trimmer with a 75-foot boom can tear into towering pines, and a dedicated mulching machine will make mincemeat of the thickest buck brush. But good luck operating these machines along right-of-ways in the middle of an urban development. Not to mention, transporting these giants in and out of these areas causes […]
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New Mulching Head Designs to Sink Your Teeth Into

The vegetation management industry has seen some recent changes when it comes to the use of mulching heads on skid steers, excavators and other power units. And the design of mulching heads has also changed to better accommodate operators, helping them become more productive and create a better finish. Here’s what you should know about […]
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Go Small or Go Home

Vegetative clearing gets versatile with mulching attachments and compact trimmers We live in an age where bigger is better – bigger burgers, bigger flat-screen TVs and, in the world of clearing vegetation, bigger equipment. A large-scale mechanical tree trimmer with a 75-foot boom can tear into towering pines, and a dedicated mulching machine will make […]
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In a Tight Spot

Michigan tree trimmer uses compact equipment for distribution rights-of-way. When it comes to clearing the strips of land along utility lines, or the rights-of-way, many contractors have struggled to find an efficient method of trimming trees. For open areas, manufacturers have developed large-scale mechanical trimmers equipped with saw blades mounted on long booms. But for […]
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How to Maintain a Mulching Head

Few attachments undergo the harsh operating conditions of a mulching head. Between the abrasive work, the debris-filled environment and often hot weather, these attachments have to be built tough to handle all the abuse. But no matter how tough they may be, all mulching heads need regular maintenance to operate at peak performance and live […]
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The Wright Way to Trim Trees

For many years vegetation management contractors have struggled to find a good solution for trimming trees along utility line rights-of-way. Most will admit that the old-fashioned practices of climbing trees and using bucket trucks are time consuming and somewhat dangerous. The central division of Wright Tree Service, however, seems to be one of the few […]
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