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February 2022

Like many other Loftness customers, Kenny Wright is proud of the equipment he runs. In fact, he even gives Loftness some credit for the success of Triple B Excavation, his excavating and land clearing business named after the initials of Wright’s three children. But why does he like his Battle Ax Excavator and Bad Ax disc mulcher so much? He’ll tell you there are lots of reasons:

The Mulching Equipment Helps Him Grow the Business

Triple B was formed after Wright, a veteran and professional pilot, saw a need to provide a service in the Moscow, Tennessee, area. “I began my business with Loftness,” he said.

Wright started off with a Kubota KX057 excavator and Loftness mulching head. After only a few months with the KX057, he decided a larger excavator would handle his jobs better, so he upgraded to a KX080 and 41-inch Battle Ax mulching head. Later, he added a Kubota SVL95 compact track loader with a Bad Ax disc mulcher.

Having two mulching attachments has helped Wright to better accommodate different job requirements. The Battle Ax drum mulcher is used for mulching material into fine particle sizes. It also allows him to use the excavator arm to reach down into areas where a skid steer could get stuck, such as in pond refurbishing jobs. However, if a rough cut is all that’s needed, the Bad Ax is brought in. “On farms and other rural areas where customers don’t care about getting a fine cut, the Bad Ax disc mulcher works faster than the Battle Ax,” he said. “It’s very, very productive.”

The profits made using Loftness equipment provided the funds needed to invest in larger equipment, take on larger jobs and grow the company exponentially. Today, Triple B’s equipment fleet includes John Deere 550K and 700K LGP bulldozers, a John Deere 210G excavator, a John Deere 333G compact track loader, and a Volvo A25D haul truck. “We started out as a small mulching company, and now we’re doing major clearing jobs that require a lot more equipment and a lot more work,” said Wright.

Despite taking on larger jobs with bigger equipment, Wright still has the Kubota KX080 and SVL95 for powering his Loftness attachments. However, he has upgraded to the second generation Bad Ax, which features a larger diameter main shaft and new radial piston high-pressure motor, among other improvements to the strength and weight balance of the machine. “I’m still a loyal Loftness customer,” said Wright. “They helped us grow to where we are now, and they’re still helping us.”

Best Machine for the Money

When shopping for mulching attachments, Wright looked at other brands as well, including some that cost 30- to 40-percent more than Loftness. “I think a lot of people are paying way too much money for mulching equipment,” said Wright. “The more expensive equipment doesn’t do any better job, and for the price point I don’t think you can beat Loftness. It offers premium performance without a premium price.”

Excellent Support

Perhaps what Wright enjoys most about Loftness equipment is the support team behind it. At any time he can call his Loftness territory manager to discuss his needs. “I’ve been more than happy with the support,” said Wright. “It’s nice to be able to call Clint or Eddie at Loftness, and they’ll talk to me at length about products.”

The Complete Package

Most would agree it’s not one thing that makes them happy with Loftness equipment — it’s the complete package. As for Kenny Wright and Triple B Excavation, you could say Loftness adds three P’s to his operation: Performance, Price and Product support.

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