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Skid Steer / Compact Track Loader

This is the mulching head that changed it all. Designed for skid steers and compact track loaders with 28-62.9 GPM, the S Series Battle Ax optimizes mulching performance with its unique rotor design and Loftness® exclusive two-stage cutting chamber. This design works better than any other bite-limiting rotor on the market, whether you’re using sharpened knives or carbide teeth. And it’s backed by Loftness’ legendary customer support and large dealer network.

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Depth Gauges

The Battle Ax rotor design uses built-in depth gauges to control cutting depth, like raker teeth on a chainsaw.

Two-Stage Cutting Chamber

Two shear bars allow the Battle Ax to produce a finer mulch with fewer passes. The primary shear bar is adjustable for controlling particle sizes.

Convenient Tooth Mounting

The cutting teeth are mounted to the rotor with a single bolt. They can be easily reversed, replaced or removed on the jobsite using a common hex socket.

High-Performance Teeth Options

Choose from three teeth options:

  • Quadco planer blades
  • Hard-surface Quadco blades
  • Standard carbide teeth
Fixed-Displacement Gear Motor

The high-pressure gear motor option is a reliable, cost-effective workhorse. It operates at a constant RPM that provides an optimal balance between speed and torque. This system was designed for skid steers delivering 29-40 GPM at up to 4,300 PSI. (Rated up to 85 hydraulic horsepower.)

V-Drive Variable-Displacement Piston Motor

The V-Drive option uses a variable-displacement piston motor, which automatically shifts the rotor RPM from the highest speed to a lower range for increased torque, as needed. The result is less stalling and a shorter recovery time, helping operators to concentrate on the job instead of power settings and continuous head repositioning. This motor provides a more effective use of power as the head RPM increases under lighter loads, allowing operators to quickly slice through smaller or more flexible growth, as well as when back-dragging material on the ground. As larger trees, trunks and stumps are engaged, the motor increases the drive displacement to increase torque. It is designed for skid steers delivering 32-62.9 GPM at up to 6,000 PSI. (Rated up to 150 hydraulic horsepower.)

Synchronous Belt Drive

The positive drive, cog belt and sprocket design maximizes efficiency and requires less maintenance than other drive types.

Machined Anti-Wrap Bearing Protector

Rotor ends are machine turned to mate with close tolerance, machined anti-wrap rings, which minimize debris in the bearing chamber.

Adjustable Push Bar

Constructed with integrated, welded claw hooks, the bar helps push falling trees and brush away from the power unit, while also allowing them to be properly positioned for efficient feeding into the head.

Performance Monitoring

An integrated PSI gauge that monitors the hydraulic load is positioned for easy viewing from the skid steer cab. It helps keep the Battle Ax at the optimum hydraulic load for peak performance throughout an application.

Custom Hydraulic Control Valve

A high-pressure relief valve protects the Battle Ax from pressure spikes at the source. It also includes an anti-cavitation shutdown circuit.

Premium Strength Steel Housing

The S Series Battle Ax is designed for today’s heavier, more powerful skid steers and compact track loaders. All body components are laser cut from premium strength steel. Also, abrasion resistant steel is used in high-wear areas.

Replaceable Skid Shoes
Steel Deflector Chains

Running the entire length of the mulching attachment, steel deflector chains improve safety by reducing flying debris.

Maximum Visibility

The Battle Ax is designed for maximum visibility from the skid steer cab, which increases safety, productivity and efficiency.

Universal Skid Steer Mount

The universal mount allows the Battle Ax to be easily used with any brand or model of skid steer or compact track loader.

Hydraulic Hose Routing

Hoses are right sized and routed to reduce the chance of binding, yet are long enough for a full range of motion without damage. Hoses are included, couplers are not.

A right-hand hose kit is optional for use on skid steers with hydraulic couplers on the right-hand side of the machine.

17-Inch-Diameter Rotor
2-3/16″ Piloted Double Taper Roller Bearings
Optional Bolt-In Liner

A bolt-in liner can be added for use in abrasive environments.

2-Year Warranty

The Battle Ax comes standard with an industry-leading 2-year warranty.


Cutting Width61" (1.55 m)71" (1.8 m)
Overall Width79.1" (2.01 m)89.1" (2.26 m)
Number of Teeth3036
Weight (with liner/without mount)2,604 LBS (1,181.2 kg)2,841 LBS (1,288.7 kg)
Crated Weight2,831 LBS (1284.12 kg)3,088 LBS (1400.7 kg)
Hydraulic Horsepower Range50-150 Hydraulic HP50-150 Hydraulic HP
Fixed Displacement Gear MotorUp to 4,300 PSI - 28-40 GPMUp to 4,300 PSI - 28-40 GPM
Variable-Displacement Piston MotorUp to 6,000 PSI - 32-62.9 GPMUp to 6,000 PSI - 32-62.9 GPM
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