Swing Hopper

The swing hopper is the key to successful truck unloading. Twin 7-inch diameter pan augers move grain quickly from the truck's discharge into the 13-inch diameter swing auger.

Hopper Drive Wheels

The hydraulic-drive hopper wheels are used to move the swing hopper into position under the truck's discharge. The traction tires are foam filled to eliminate air loss from bead failure.

Hopper Lift

The hopper lift is used to apply down pressure to the drive wheels when positioning the swing hopper. The wheels are then hydraulically lifted off the ground to allow the hopper to rotate on the skid plate. The drive wheels can be lowered to the ground to reposition the hopper while dumping, if needed.

Hopper Gage Wheels

Free-wheeling, rigid gage wheels are adjustable for hopper height control. Solid rubber tires support the far end of the hopper when swinging under the truck's discharge. The swing hopper is designed to rotate under the truck's discharge as the bag loader advances. The skid plate in the center of the hopper helps provide a pivot point for rotation. 

Hydraulic Valve

The hydraulic control valve is located on the swing hopper auger. The operator has excellent visibility and control when positioning the swing hopper under a moving or stationary truck.

Swing Auger Unit

The articulating 13-inch diameter swing auger provides easy reach and positioning control when aligning the hopper under the truck's discharge chute. When the job is done, the same pivoting allows the hopper to swing out of the way.

Main Auger

The high-speed, 13-inch diameter main stationary lift auger moves grain into the hopper of the bag loader. 

Transition Auger

The backbone of the swing auger/hopper system, the 13-inch diameter transition auger delivers grain to the pivot point over the base of the main auger.

Hopper Transport

The swing hopper and auger are easily winched up into transport position with a cable/pulley system. Transport chains are deployed once the hopper is in position. Cable tension is then released for transport.

Hopper Winch

The hopper transport winch is easy to reach from ground level. It is hand operated for years of trouble-free service. Electric or hydraulic operated winches are optional.


The massive all-welded steel hitch is designed to support the drive system and augers. The hitch also carries the weight of the swing hopper when in transport configuration. There is a heavy-duty jack to support the 1,800-pound tongue weight.

Drive Train

The shear-bolt protected drive train will power the entire machine. The transfer case divides the power to drive the truck auger and GBL 10. This gearbox reduces the 1,000 RPM PTO speed to 540 RPM to drive the swing auger and the main tube auger.

Transfer Case

The industry-proven transfer case gearbox splits the drive power between the swing hopper system and the main auger. When loading directly into the bag loader's main hopper with a combine or cart, the power to the swing auger and main auger can easily be disconnected by removing a short PTO shaft. No tools required.

Chain Drive

The power is transferred and split from the PTO shaft to the transfer case and to the bag loader drive via a heavy-duty No. 60 double chain drive system. Chain drive shafts are supported by opposing dual greaseable bearings. An easy-to-open panel gives access to all of the drive system components.

Standard Parts

Use of industry standard, easy-to-get replacement parts reduces downtime during your critical harvest window. Standard nonproprietary bearings, chains and U-joints are available at most fleet or auto parts suppliers.