Exceptional Performance for Low-Flow Skid Steers

The Battle Ax horizontal drum mulcher is the latest innovation in vegetation management equipment, and now it’s available for low-flow skid steers up to 9,500 pounds with 15-34.9 GPM. The L Series is optimized for use with reversible Quadco blades to quickly mulch material and reduce it to some of the smallest particle sizes in the industry.

Battle Ax Rotor

Maximum Efficiency for Vegetation Management Professionals: The new 13.5-inch-diameter Battle Ax rotor features built-in depth gauges that maximize the performance of Quadco blades. The depth gauges function similarly to raker teeth on chain saws to prevent the attachment from engaging too much material at one time. This unique design is more ideal for managing the amount of material being fed into the attachment than competitive ring-style rotors, which many operators find to be overly limiting.



Two-Stage Cutting Chamber

A One-Two Punch:
The Loftness exclusive two-stage cutting chamber is capable of processing material more thoroughly than competitive units by cutting material twice. The primary shear bar is adjustable, so the clearance can be narrowed or widened depending upon the desired material size and production rate. From here, the partially reduced material passes smoothly to the secondary cutting chamber behind the front bumper, where it’s processed further before being discharged toward the ground.