One Bad Ax

The new Bad Ax disc mulcher is a highly economical, yet productive skid-steer forestry mulcher built to take on the toughest applications. Featuring direct-drive, the Bad Ax puts 100 percent of its power to the cutting disc, and doesn’t include any pulleys or belts to maintain. It is ideal for land clearing, vegetation control, forest fire prevention and more.

60-Inch Diameter, Fully Machined Disc

The Bad Ax can cut down trees up to 14 inches in diameter using a 60-inch diameter disc. The fully machined disc is 1.25 inches thick using premium-strength steel, and it contains no welds, so there are no points subject to stress cracking. Additionally, the bolt-on mounts can be replaced in the field without the need for cutting, welding or rebalancing the rotor.

The large Bad Ax disc builds up its own inertia during use, pushing its productive force beyond the maximum hydraulic horsepower. This helps it more quickly gather and process vegetation.