The New Kwik-Trim: Slightly Bigger. Even Better.

We gave the Kwik-Trim a boost with a new 47.6-horsepower turbocharged engine. This powerful, fuel-efficient engine meets tier 4 compliance, but doesn't require diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). That means you get plenty of power and efficiency without any of the hassle of using DEF. Utilizing the newly designed Takeuchi TB260 power unit platform, the Kwik-Trim is approximately 800 pounds heavier, 7 inches wider and 7 inches longer than the previous model. The heavier weight and expanded operating footprint maximize safety by providing enhanced stability on uneven terrain. Nonetheless, the unit is still compact enough to access tight areas and light enough to be towed behind a pickup. But that's not all. The Kwik-Trim now offers easier access to hydraulic components for reduced maintenance, easier preparation for road transport, and a more conveniently located winch with live hydraulic controls.

Complete 360-Degree Coverage

Unmatched Maneuverability: The Kwik-Trim is more maneuverable and cost effective than large-scale mechanical trimmers, and is more productive than using bucket trucks or hand climbing. Simply put, the Kwik-Trim is the perfect tool for tree and right-of-way maintenance.