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Skid Steer / Compact Track Loader

Because of its unique reverse rotor rotation, the Timber Ax mulching head delivers results with more efficiency. Keeping the cutting action of the hardened steel alloy blades off the ground enables the Timber Ax to take on dense brush and trees in one pass with less horsepower…even trees as large as 10 inches in diameter. This design also reduces the amount of blade contact with the ground to increase blade life.

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Timber Ax Rotor

The 17-inch-diameter Timber Ax rotor spins at 1,700 RPM in an upward rotation.


The Timber Ax rotor has two rows of ultra-sharp hardened steel knives. The rigid, pocket-style knife mounts help make it easy to sharpen the blades on the machine. They can also be easily replaced if damaged.

Fixed-Displacement Gear Motor

The high-pressure gear motor is a reliable, cost-effective workhorse for use with hydraulic systems ranging from 22-40 GPM and 40-85 hydraulic horsepower.

4-Groove Banded Belt

A four-groove banded belt system with spring-loaded idler efficiently transfers power to the rotor.

Machined Anti-Wrap Bearing Protection

Rotor ends are machine turned to mate with close tolerance, machined anti-wrap rings, which minimize debris in the bearing chamber.

Adjustable Skid Shoes

The skid shoes are adjustable from 1 to 3 inches.

Adjustable Push Bar

Constructed with integrated, welded claw hooks, the bar helps push falling trees and brush away from the power unit, while also allowing them to be properly positioned for efficient feeding into the head.

Performance Monitoring

An integrated PSI gauge that monitors the hydraulic load is positioned for easy viewing from the skid steer cab. It helps keep the Timber Ax at the optimum hydraulic load for peak performance throughout an application.

Premium Strength Steel Housing

All body components are laser cut from premium strength steel. Also, abrasion resistant steel is used in high-wear areas

Steel Deflector Chains

Running the entire length of the mulching attachment, steel deflector chains improve safety by reducing flying debris.

Universal Skid Steer Mount

The universal mount allows the Battle Ax to be easily used with any brand or model of skid steer or compact track loader.

17-Inch-Diameter Rotor
2-3/16″ Roller Bearings
Dual Cross-Over Relief Protection
Fast Rotor Shutdown
2-Year Warranty

The Timber Ax comes standard with an industry-leading 2-year warranty.


Cutting Width73”83”
Overall Width91.5”101.5”
Number of Knives1618
Weight2416 lbs2632 lbs
Rotor Bearings2-3/162-3/16
Hydraulic Horsepower Range40-85 Hydraulic HP40-85 Hydraulic HP
Hydraulic Flow Range 22-40.9 GPM22-40.9 GPM
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