Adding Heavy Duty Performance and Versatility to Your Grain Storage is Easy.

Be ready to handle any harvest from most any trailer. The GL System 12 Truck Unloading Auger (N29114) is the perfect option for grain facilities and operations that require loading bags from grain trailers and semis. Whether dealing with bottom trap, side chutes or dump trailers, the highly controllable and high speed, low-profile hopper can handle the flow – up to 200 bushels per minute.

A Matched Set: The Truck Unloading Auger was designed from the ground up to enhance the performance of the GBL 12 Loader and increase the productivity of grain bagging operations.

Swing Hopper

Low Profile, High Performance: The swing hopper is the key to successful truck unloading. Twin 7-inch diameter pan augers move grain quickly from the truck's discharge into the 14-inch diameter swing auger.