Superior Spreading for All Your Fertilizer Needs

The FS800 is an all-purpose fertilizer spreader that is feature packed for ultimate versatility and durability. It boasts a double-axle design with an integral adjustable-height hitch and 2.5-inch-wide leaf springs, resulting in level operation and improved ride quality on uneven terrain. Dual stainless steel spinners deliver a total overlapping trapezoidal pattern of up to 90 feet with an optional hydraulic drive, which also offers variable rate applications.



Variable Rate Ready

Precision Applications: A hydraulic conveyor belt drive can increase or decrease the fertilizer feed rate on the go. A prescription load rate can be written into your monitor to control how much fertilizer should be applied to each part of the field. If one area needs more nitrogen than another, for instance, the fertilizer rate will adjust automatically according to the GPS position.