Fixed-Speed Spinner Drive

The standard controlled spinner drive feature can be substituted with a fixed-speed hydraulic spinner drive.

Wheel/Tire Options

A variety of wheel and tire options are available, including:
 - 60- to 105-inch adjustable walking tandem
 - 40-inch row crop under frame/25-inch walking tandem
 - Dual row crop wheels with 60- to 134-inch spacing

Rate Controllers

Several connection types are available to accommodate variable rate applications on a variety of systems, including:
 - Raven 22 pin
 - Raven 47 pin (JD rate controller 2000 ready)

Integral Scale

Closely monitor application rates and the amount of material remaining in the hopper with the integral four-point scale option.

Roll Tarp

An optional roll tarp can be installed to protect material within the hopper from weather elements.