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Windrower Side Discharge Crop Shredder

Baling corn stover has never been simpler. The unique, practical design of Loftness’ Side Discharge Windrower uses the airflow generated by the shredder knives to create a vortex that carries material to the side discharge. No belts to maintain. No augers to unplug. Just a simple, effective concept that harnesses the power of air to convey shredded material to the discharge chute. The side delivery allows you to place two windrows next to each other, so you can cut your baling passes in half.

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20-Foot Cutting Width

The Side Discharge Windrower has a 20-foot cutting width. When two windrows are placed side-by-side, you can bale 40 feet at a time.


The rotor is equipped with 4-1/2-inch-wide cupped knives that maximize suction and provide the airflow needed to move the shredded material.

Folding Wing

The specialized wing hydraulically folds for compact transport and storage.

37-Inch Side Discharge

The 37-inch side discharge features an adjustable deflector. The deflector rods can be easily raised to create a narrow windrow or lowered for a wider windrow.

Flow Deflectors

Included flow deflectors help direct shredded material into a neatly placed windrow at the side of the unit.

Rear Lift

A hydraulic rear lift precisely controls the cutting height. Cylinder stops are used to maintain a consistent height when raising and lowering the windrower. A ratchet jack near the hitch is used to adjust the tilt of the machine from front to back. For maximum performance, the knives should be positioned approximately 6 inches off the ground, while the rear rubber skirt should be 20-24 inches off the ground.

Adjustable Wheel Spacing

The position of the rear wheels can be adjusted for various row spacings. For best results, the wheels should ride between the rows. The wheels are factory set for 30-inch row spacing.

4-Groove Banded Belt

A four-groove banded belt and spring-loaded push-type idler system provide efficient transfer of power.

1,000 RPM PTO

The 1-3/8-inch or 1-3/4-inch 1,000 RPM power takeoff includes a CV knuckle and overrunning clutch.

280-Horsepower Gearbox

The field-proven and extremely reliable gearbox is rated for 280 HP. It spins the rotor at 1,450 RPM.

Pull-Type Hitch
Heavy-Duty Construction

The Side Discharge Windrower features heavy-duty design, engineering and construction throughout.

Optional Transport System

An optional transport system includes a transport hitch at the end of the unit, as well as dedicated transport wheels, which can be hydraulically raised and lowered.

Optional Hood Liner

The hood liner option helps extend service by providing added protection from abrasive materials.


Cutting Width240"
Overall Width*255"
Max Length In Working289"
Max Width In Transport124"
Max Length In Transport351"
Weight12,500 lbs
Number of Rotors2
Number of Knives (Cupped)60
Number of Knives (High Residue)112
Minimum HP200
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