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February 2024

The new Side Discharge Windrower from Loftness uses one-of-a-kind technology to shred corn stover and place the windrow at the side of the machine. It helps customers maximize baling efficiency, while eliminating many of the reliability and maintenance issues of other windrower designs.

Unlike any other crop shredder/windrower on the market, the Loftness Side Discharge Windrower features a patent-pending design that uses the powerful airflow from the shredder knives to convey shredded material to the discharge. The simple, yet effective design significantly reduces the number of moving parts on the machine. This greatly reduces costly maintenance and downtime as well as reduces the occurrence of material plugs, bridging and wrapping that are possible with belt- and auger-style windrowers.

The Side Discharge Windrower works by creating a vacuum effect through the spinning of the 4.5-inch cupped knives. This suction helps lift residue into the knives for effective cutting performance, while helping to minimize the amount of dirt entering the machine. The powerful airflow coming off the knives is channeled by the patent-pending wing design to create a spinning air vortex that keeps the product suspended and carries it down the length of the wing to the discharge chute.

The Side Discharge Windrower is available with a 20-foot cutting width. Because operators can place two windrows next to each other in one round, a baler can cover a 40-foot swath with each pass to maximize efficiency.

Other standard features include adjustable wheel spacing for matching various row spacings, hydraulic rear lift for precise height adjustment, and a folding wing design for storage and transport purposes. The machine is powered by a reliable four-groove banded belt drive and a heavy-duty, 280-horsepower rated gearbox. An optional transport system is available for narrow transport between fields.

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