Loftness Updates Its Bad Ax Disc Mulcher Attachment for Skid SteersTemplate

Loftness has updated its popular Bad Ax™ disc mulcher attachment for skid steers. The new version is lighter and stronger, featuring improved machine balance and upgraded performance. The new Bad Ax weighs over 400 pounds less than the original model and is positioned approximately five inches closer to the power unit for improved balance, stability […]
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Grain Bagging…Not Just for Corn

As Zane Erickson looks out over his soybean fields, waiting for the rain to let up so he can finish his harvest, he already knows that the beans will be going straight into bags this year. As are many farmers in the country, Erickson is feeling the pressure as weather continues to hinder his ability […]
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Finding Success With a Row Crop Fertilizer Spreader

Like many other farmers, Andrew Englin from Comfrey, Minnesota, recently made the decision to start spreading his own fertilizer. “We have spread our own fertilizer before,” he said, “but it’s been about 10 years.” To get back into fertilizer spreading, Englin purchased a Loftness RC800 row crop spreader in the spring of 2016. With variable […]
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Minnesota Farmer Finds Success Bagging Soybeans

With harvest 2018 in full swing, many farmers are wondering what to do with their crops…especially soybeans. Record harvests and trade troubles have taken their toll on futures markets and basis. Some elevators have already stated that they will be turning away soybeans. This is leaving farmers scrambling to figure out where to store their […]
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13 Reasons to Bag Grain This Year

Over the years, grain bagging has transformed from a little-known concept to a well recognized practice in North America. Throughout this time, grain bags have also proven themselves to be more than just a temporary grain storage solution. Today, there are multiple reasons why producers choose to bag some or all of their grain. In […]
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South Dakota Department of Transportation Uses Grain Bags for Salt Storage

The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) is looking to agricultural grain bagging equipment to help with its salt storage needs. That’s because at the end of its budget cycle, SDDOT typically has the desire and the funds to rebuild its salt stockpiles, but not the storage capacity. Brad Norrid, Winner, South Dakota, Area Engineering […]
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Grain Bagging: A Flexible Storage Option for Bumper Crops

As producers look to harvest a potential bumper crop, many will likely find themselves out of bin space. Of course, it’s too late to build more permanent storage, and cash prices will not likely be at a level where most farmers are willing to sell. This leaves them with one more option that they may […]
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How to Choose, And Use, a Mulching Head

Success with a horizontal drum mulcher, or mulching head, relies not only on how you choose it, but also how you use it. Operators will be disappointed with the performance if they purchase a mulching head that isn’t properly matched with their skid steer or track loader. Production will also suffer if the mulching head […]
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Lots to Like About Loftness

Like many other Loftness customers, Kenny Wright is proud of the equipment he runs. In fact, he even gives Loftness some credit for the success of Triple B Excavation, his excavating and land clearing business named after the initials of Wright’s three children. But why does he like his Battle Ax Excavator and Bad Ax […]
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Making “Kwik” Work of Vegetation Management

How do you manage vegetation along 5,200 miles of right-of-way? As efficiently as possible. At least that’s the motto of Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (NOEC), headquartered in Vinita, Oklahoma. Like many other electric utilities and vegetation management contractors, the cooperative once relied solely on bucket trucks to send workers up to hand trim all branches […]
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