Windrower 15/20 Center Discharge Shredder

The Windrowing Shredder is the latest example of Loftness turning challenge into opportunity. Unpredictable markets and the demand for bio-mass are turning crop residue into a profit center. Combining a unique tunnel design with our exclusive hard-surface cupped knives, the Windrow Shredder produces the optimal particle size for baling corn fodder and other kinds of residue. The exclusive Loftness tunnel and shroud design maximizes airflow that discharges a cleaner windrow than traditional rake implements.


More Suction, Increased Efficiency: Windrow shredders are equipped with a reduced number of
4-1/2-inch-wide hard-surface cupped knives. The windrower's unique rotor knife pattern is designed to produce increased suction and enhance chop efficiency. Greater suction means you can operate just a bit higher, reducing the risk of striking hidden objects. The Windrower is the perfect preparation tool for baling corn fodder and other kinds of residue.