Ag-Pro Grade Construction

The windrowers feature heavy-duty design, engineering and construction throughout.


1 3/8-inch or 1 3/4-inch 1,000 RPM power takeoff. Includes over-running clutch and constant velocity knuckle. 


A standard feature on all Loftness shredder equipment, this field-proven and extremely reliable gearbox is rated at 280 HP. The Windrower is equipped with a 1,450 RPM gearbox.


Windrow shredders are equipped with a reduced number of 4-1/2-inch-wide hard-surface cupped knives. The Windrower's unique rotor knife pattern is designed to produce increased suction and enhance chop efficiency. Greater suction means you can operate just a bit higher, reducing the risk of striking hidden objects. The Windrower is the perfect preparation tool for baling corn fodder and other kinds of residue. 

Belt System

Efficient transfer of power via a four-groove banded belt and spring loaded push-type idler system.


The Loftness Windrower is available with a pull-type hitch only.

Chop Diffuser

The grate-like diffuser deflects and directs the final chopped residue toward the ground. Combined with the rear shields, this system creates cleaner rows than those made by rakes. 

Full-Length Rear Shields

This unique design from Loftness allows high-speed air and particles to flow freely to the diffuser. They can also be operated in a retracted position for non-windrowing operations. 

Rear Lift

Provides precise height adjustment for fine-tuning performance and chop. Rear lifting choices include three ratchets or three hydraulic lift units. 

Rear Tires and Wheels

Configuration for the Windrower include a 20-foot four-wheel or 15-foot three-wheel setup.