Ag-Pro Grade Construction

The standard crop shredder line features heavy-duty design, engineering and construction throughout.

Rear Lift

Provides precise height adjustment for fine tuning performance and chop. Rear lifting choices include ratchets or hydraulic cylinders. 


1 3/8-inch or 1 3/4-inch 1,000 RPM power takeoff. Includes over-running clutch on all models and constant velocity knuckle on all pull-types. 


A standard feature on all Loftness shredder equipment, this field-proven and extremely reliable gearbox is rated at 280 HP. Rotor speeds available are 1,450, 1,700 or 2,000 RPM.


The Standard 12/22 comes equipped with Loftness high residue knives, perfect for corn, wheat, sorghum, grasses and more. It can also be configured with any of our other optional knife sets. Contact your Loftness dealer for more information. 

Belt System

Efficient transfer of power via a four- or six-groove banded belt and spring loaded push-type idler system. 


The 12/22 can be configured as a pull-type, semi- or fully-mounted model.

Wheel Spacing

Wheel position is adjustable to accommodate different row widths.

Wheels and Tires

Configurations for the 12/22 include up to four rigid or swivel wheels and two front rigid wheels with ratchets.