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August 2021

Loftness has added the F810 to its FertiLogix® line of fertilizer spreaders. This new 8-ton spreader comes standard with variable rate capabilities and offers multiple wheel and tire options to meet a wide range of needs.

The variable-rate ready F810 includes a hydraulic apron drive and Raven 37-pin plug with other harness types available to accommodate different controllers. These features allow the operator to increase or decrease the fertilizer feed rate on the go, and prescription load rates can be utilized. A controlled spinner drive with speed sensor is also standard, allowing the operator to set the desired spinner speed from the cab to match the desired spread width.

Other standard features include dual stainless-steel spinners, a 40-inch frame clearance and adjustable wheel spacing. Additionally, the obstruction free interior has a 35-degree slope to maximize material flow and help prevent corrosion from fertilizer accumulation.

A variety of wheel and tire options are available, including single or dual row-crop wheels and walking tandems. A roll tarp and integral four point scale are also optional items.

Loftness manufactures the FertiLogix line of fertilizer handling equipment, the GrainLogix line of grain-bagging equipment, the CropLogix line of crop shredders and the VMLogix line of vegetation management equipment. For more information, contact Loftness Specialized Equipment, P.O. Box 337, Hector, MN 55342, call 800-828-7624 (U.S. and Canada) or 320-848-6266 (international), email, or visit

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