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October 2014

Grain storage has been at a premium this year with high yields being harvested across the Northern Plains.

“We’ve seen some terrific yields but with prices low, a lot of producers may want to hold on to their high-value grain and wait for better prices,” said Dave Nelson, one of the owners of the Loftness Specialized Equipment, based in Hector, Minn.

However, extra storage has been difficult to find this harvest season.

“You can’t even get a grain bin right now in time for harvest,” Nelson said.

The answer to storage problems this year could be to go with storing grain in bags, although the right technology and equipment is important to be successful.

The Loftness GrainLogix GL System 10 or 12 line of grain bagging equipment uses high technology to efficiently store wheat, canola, sunflowers, soybeans, corn, oats, or other grains into bags.

“Our system offers both speed and reliability in storing grain,” Nelson said, adding the Loftness GrainLogix GL System consists of the Grain Bag Loader that fills the bags and the Grain Bag Unloader that empties the bags…

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