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Prices are US dollars. Final configuration prices are FOB factory, Hector, Minnesota USA. Individual components, options and configuration prices generated are subject to change without notice. Product and model specifications, configurations and availability are subject to change without notice. For complete and final costs, or for any additional questions contact a Loftness representative directly: 1-800-828-7624.

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Standard Shredder (12-22 ft) Price Weight
Quick Config$158584000 lbs
Quick Config$164184100 lbs
Quick Config$181184500 lbs
Quick Config$230185400 lbs
Quick Config$237686000 lbs
Quick Config$261286600 lbs
Standard Shredder (24-30 ft) Price Weight
Quick Config$332787500 lbs
Quick Config$351487800 lbs
Quick Config$359788200 lbs
Quick Config$373789300 lbs
Vegetable Shredder Price Weight
Quick Config$167184000 lbs
Quick Config$173384100 lbs
Quick Config$187484500 lbs
Quick Config$240385400 lbs
Quick Config$351487500 lbs
Windrower Draper Price Weight
Quick Config$361089000 lbs
Quick Config$3954811500 lbs
Quick Config$6306816500 lbs
Windrower Shredder Price Weight
Quick Config$240086000 lbs
Quick Config$293987000 lbs

Crop Shredders

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