Timber Ax Drive Line

With a driveline like this, you’ll be hoping something gets in your way.
The rotor is designed for extreme conditions and can withstand intense use. Unique to the Timber Ax is the reverse, upward rotation of the rotor and blades. As material is engaged, it is directed up off the ground and positioned against the adjustable recutter bar. Keeping the cutting action away from the ground helps maintain rotor energy, reduces knife wear, and processes brush, branches and trees into a consistent particle size.

1. Roller Bearings

Smooth Operation: All of this perfectly balanced ruggedness is smoothly spinning on 2-3/15-inch premium quality roller bearings. To keep you on task, Loftness adds anti-wrap bearing protection.

2. Power Options

Harnessing the hydraulic power of your skid steer: Loftness offers an optional high-pressure piston-type hydraulic motor upgrade. Power and torque are supported through a heavy-duty bearing block.

3. Standard Power

The power is more than standard: As standard equipment, the Loftness Timber Ax is configured with a high efficiency gear-type motor. 

4. Belt Drive

Loftness belt drive expertise: The wide three-groove banded belt and tensioning system delivers like no other. Proper and consistent power is maintained through the spring-loaded tensioning system. 

5. Blades

Cutting power: This blade system keeps you in the game. Timber Ax systems now come with new specially hardened alloy steel blades. Blade edges are replaceable, or can be sharpened in place on the machine with a grinder. 


Designed to take it: It takes know-how to build a rotor this good. The 17-inch diameter Timber Ax rotor holds two rows of blades. Engineered for extreme duty conditions, it is constructed of premium-strength steel.