Brush cutting at a whole new level. 

Because of its unique reverse rotor rotation, the Timber Ax delivers results with more efficiency. Keeping the cutting action of the hardened steel alloy blades off the ground enables the Timber Ax to take on dense brush and trees in one pass with less horsepower. This design also reduces the amount of blade contact with the ground, increasing blade life.

The rotor is designed for extreme conditions and can withstand intense use. Unique to the Timber Ax is the reverse, upward rotation of the rotor and blades. As material is engaged, it is directed up off the ground and positioned against the adjustable recutter bar. Keeping the cutting action away from the ground helps maintain rotor energy, reduces knife wear, and processes brush, branches and trees into a consistent particle size.

The Timber Ax rotor, spinning at 1,700 RPM, uses two rows of ultra-sharp hardened steel straight blades. These can be sharpened in place on the machine and easily replaced if damaged.

The versatility doesn't end there. When necessary, the Timber Ax can cut and fell trees as large as 10 inches in diameter.