Professional Capacity and Throwing Power from Mid-Sized Tractors

With the S Series, Loftness offers the most capable line of heavy-duty snow blowers available. Loftness has designed five models that get the most from the power of your small to mid-sized tractor. For landowners and facilities managers, the S Series delivers the efficiency of using your equipment year-round, as well as the advantage of being able to move snow easily and effectively. The larger S Series models also introduce the capabilities of dual augers and 30-inch second stage discharge fans for use with 60- to 120-HP tractors. In widths up to 8-feet wide, the dual auger S models offer you the extra capacity to clear heavy snowfalls and snow banks with ease.

Cutting Capacity

Move More Snow: With heights from 32 to 40 inches and widths of 84 and 96 inches, S Series snow blowers can take a healthy bite out of the deepest and heaviest snowfalls of the season.