Never Pick Up Rocks by Hand Again

This hydraulic powered rock and debris picker makes clearing rocks, boulders, stumps and debris a snap.  Put the Loftness Kwik Pik attachment to work, and you’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll move, clear and sort rocks from your farm or job site. This patented attachment will remove rocks as small as 2 inches, or as large as 2 feet in diameter. That’s one of the widest ranges in the industry.

With its 1-inch thick high carbon steel tines and hydraulic powered reel that rotates 360 degrees, the Kwik Pik outworks the competition in picking up concrete, rubble, wood and other general debris quickly and easily. That saves you time and money for better payback on your equipment investment. And like all other equipment from Loftness, the Kwik Pik is engineered to industry-leading standards with heavy duty features to handle the toughest jobs.

360-Degree Reel

Rock and Roll: The Kwik Pik is filled with unique features, but its 360-Degree Reel steals the show. Bidirectional rotation makes quick work of handling even large boulders, and it opens fully for easy dumping.