The GL System is the ultimate platform for loading grain bags. The Loftness GL System 10 is a perfectly balanced and controlled workhorse. The GL System 12 delivers massive capability and speed. All across North America, millions of bushels of grain have been loaded and stored because of their ease of use and rugged reliability. Performance like this can only come from the leader in grain bagging equipment innovation.

Grain Bags Are Designed To Store Dry Grain

The unique, specialized design of Loftness grain bagging equipment allows for storage versatility, whether in the field where harvesting is taking place or at a grain storage site, as long as the bags are placed on clean ground with good drainage and free of sharp objects.
Grain bags are long PE (polyethylene) bags that are commonly available with 10- or 12-foot diameters and lengths up to 500 feet. The grain bags are made of state-of-the-art raw materials from Dow Polisur; three-layer UV protected; 18-month warranty; and no recycled material in their formulation.

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