Main Auger

Built around abrasion resistant 1/4-inch steel flighting, the main auger is supported by two 7/16-inch bearings. Like all GBU 12 augers, they are computer balanced and factory tuned for the highest possible performance. The main auger and auger tube is hinged for transport and storage.

Folding Auger and Hinge Point

Foldable for storage, the main auger is controlled through the use of a hydraulic cylinder. The main auger hinge point is precise and robust, precision welded and self centered. Self-aligning top bearings ensure that the auger shafts align and that the male-female drive couplers engage every time.

Hydraulic-Drive Feed Augers

The 12-inch augers feed material to the discharge auger. Two hydraulic motors deliver power to drive material to the center of the bag.

Hydraulic System

The main hydraulic system holds 70 gallons of hydraulic fluid. It includes a return filtration system to reduce wear and also a cold-weather bypass.

Inline Hydraulic Pumps

At the core of the hydraulic system rests the inline hydraulic pump configuration. Each pump is dedicated to an individual task: cross-feed augers, the main discharge auger, and system cooling and accessories.

Hydraulic Cooling

The GBU 12 cooling system has proven itself under the most adverse heat conditions. The reason: a hydraulically driven oil fan cooler. The cooling system also features automatic bypass based on pressure.

Bag Roller

A highly successful and proven design from Loftness, the bag roller is 19.5 feet wide and capped on either end with 23-inch discs to ensure the empty bag stays on track. Welded teeth spaced along the entire roller shaft ensure that the leading edge of the bag is captured securely and squarely. The system features a high-torque, hydraulically driven and controlled design.

Bag Roller Chain Drive

The entire roller drive assembly was designed to provide the power and torque needed for the 12-foot bag unloading process. Hydraulic motor power is increased, and speed is reduced through a dual-width chain, triple reduction drive system. The massive power of the roller drive system pulls the tractor and unloader into the grain.

Bag Roller Clutch

Operator can simply disengage the roller drive by hand and the bag can then be rolled off the bag roller tube. No tools required.

Operator Controls

The multifunction controls offer easy ground level access, and precisely regulate the bag roller speed, adjust the axle height and retract or extend the hinged main auger.

Dual Position Knife

Different grain and seed types differ in weight, thus changing the shape of the bag. The knife can be positioned to match any bag shape. 

Adjustable Axle Height

An adjustable axle with mechanical stops provides consistent height of cross augers.

Travel Axle

A heavy-duty axle with electric brakes for over road reliability. Quickly raises the machine for transport to the next site. 

Step-Up Gearbox

The transition of PTO power that drives the hydraulics is super smooth and highly balanced, turning 1,000 RPM into 2,500 RPM.

Split Shaft Drive

The GBU 12 drivetrain system utilizes a center supported dual shaft design that ensures balance and stability under heavy power loads. This setup uses shear-bolt protected Walterscheid W2400 series PTO shafts.