Third Wheel Support

When ground conditions are soft or questionable, Loftness offers an option to keep your unloading operations moving. The third wheel option simply bolts onto the existing wheel on the auger side of the Unloader, giving the whole rig additional support.

9-Foot Bag Auger Kit

The optional 9-foot short cross auger is used when unloading 9-foot diameter grain bags. It is 10 inches in diameter and attached in the same manner as the standard cross auger.

Grain Bag Baler

The grain bag baler accepts 9- or 10-foot-diameter grain bags that are up to 300 feet long, taking them directly from the GBU10 roller and winding them up tightly for easy tying. No more hassles of unrolling bags onto the ground, which can be especially tricky in windy conditions. It's also an ideal solution for preparing used grain bags for recycling.

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