Bag Fill Auger

Constructed of 1/4-inch thick plate abrasive resistant steel flighting and supported by 2-inch bearings, the 20-inch diameter main fill auger delivers grain to the tunnel at rates up to 500 bushels per hour.

Bag Tunnel

Engineering to maintain optimal grain distribution, in conjunction with smooth and flawless bag feed, is the starting point for precise control and nonstop operation. The GBL 12 one-piece tunnel is designed to distribute grain evenly throughout the profile of the bag.

Bag Retention System

Maintaining a simple approach to a complex and important feature, the GBL 12 Bag Retention System removes all doubt regarding proper bag loading and rigging. The tensioning cord and ropes are adjustable for precise control in any application.

Jib Crane and Trolley System

All 12-volt electric, the jib crane and powered trolley make quick work of the bag loading process. Additionally, all bag loading functions can be controlled via a wireless remote.


Twelve-foot bags weigh around 1,000 pounds, and the cradle speeds up bag management and handling. Keeping your team loading grain instead of bags was a priority with the design of the GBL 12.

Bag Pan

The bag pan is lowered to install the bag into position around the tunnel. Once in position, the bag pan is then raised into the proper operating position to support the bottom of the bag during filling. The bag pan can be fine-tuned through the winch system.

Bag Loading Tarp

When in the field, Loftness makes sure bags load with minimal effort and without misalignment. The bag loading tarp is the answer. Working in tandem with the powered trolley system, it greatly reduces the amount of labor required to position the bottom of the bag onto the bag pan.

Adjustable Axle Height

Axle height can be consistently raised/lowered using a pin adjustment system.

Main Hopper

The all steel 8-foot 1-inch by 14-foot 10-inch hopper is an easy target to hit, helping reduce spillage. It can be loaded from either side or from both sides simultaneously. The top rim is only 129 inches from the ground, giving easy access to grain carts and combines.

Transfer Case

The industry-proven transfer case gearbox splits the drive power between the swing hopper system and the main auger. When loading directly into the main hopper with a combine or cart, the power to the swing auger and main auger can be disconnected by removing a chain coupling.

PTO Drive Shaft

Power to the drivetrain is delivered through a Walterscheid W2400 Series PTO shaft protected by an easily accessible shear bolt. Power is delivered to the discharge auger shaft directly through the gearbox. It is available in your choice of PTO spline sizes.

Transport Wheel System

Properly rated tires and axles with electric brakes make road transport safe and legal.

Brake Pressure Control

The need for precise speed control when loading 12-foot bags is critical. Applying brake pressure to both sides simultaneously is achieved through a rotary hand wheel that controls the brake master cylinder. Pressure is displayed via a large liquid-filled gauge mounted next to the control wheel.

Disc Brakes

Complementing the precise brake pressure control system are large 12-inch diameter disc brake rotors and calipers. Used in the automotive racing industry, these brake components were chosen for their performance, high degree of reliability and availability.  

Traction Tires

The 15L 19.5-inch SureGrip traction tires have a chevron-style tread for maximum grip.

Industry Standard Parts

Industry standard, easy-to-get parts reduce downtime during your critical harvest window. Standard non-proprietary bearings, chains, U-joints and brake system parts are available at most farm, fleet or auto parts suppliers.