500-Foot Bag Capacity

Unlike most other units that can only hold 300-foot-long grain bags, the XLB 10 has a specialized tunnel and bag pan to accommodate 10-foot-diameter bags that are up to 500 feet long. This allows approximately 22,000 bushels of storage per bag.

Jib Crane and Trolley System

Powered by 12-volt electric motors, the jib crane and trolley system makes it easier than ever to load bags onto the machine. Simply use the remote control to lift the bag off the ground and slide it into place on the tunnel.

Bag Loading Apron

The electric-powered bag loading apron assists in pulling the bag into place. This feature reduces the amount of labor required to load bags, while helping ensure proper bag positioning on the pan.

Remote Control

The XLB 10 grain bag loader comes standard with a remote control. It allows you to wirelessly control the jib crane, trolley and bag loading apron.

Transport Wheels

Transport wheels can be hydraulically raised and lowered to move from one location to the next. Not only does this simplify the transport process, but it also eliminates the need to relieve pressure from the traction wheels when moving the machine.

High-Flow Auger

With its 20-inch primary auger, the XLB 10 can transfer grain at rates up to 30,000 bushels per hour. The auger features a 2-inch shaft and heavy-duty bearings for fast, reliable grain loading that keeps up with the speed of harvest, even with multiple combines running.

Extra-Large Hopper

The extra-large hopper is an easy target for dumping grain. It also accommodates loading from both sides of the machine at once.

Easy Access Platforms

No more climbing ladders. The XLB 10 grain bag loader has skid-resistant platforms on the left- and right-hand sides for convenient, safe access to the top of the bag tunnel when installing bags on the machine.

Grain Sampling Port

Take periodic samples while loading your grain bags. The new grain sampling port provides easy access for pulling grain samples.

Traction Tires

The 12.5L 15-inch Sure Grip traction tires have a chevron-style tread for maximum grip.

Disc Brakes

The traction wheels are equipped with extra-large automotive style disc brakes, giving you confident control over the bagging process.

Hand Wheel

The hand wheel controls the master brake cylinder. It allows slight, precise brake pressure adjustment to both traction wheels simultaneously, helping to ensure the bag loads in a straight line. Pressure is displayed via a large liquid-filled pressure gauge mounted next to the control wheel.

Bag Tray Adjustment Winch

Ensure the grain bag fits properly by making slight adjustments with the adjustment winch.

Hydraulic Assist Height Adjustment

They hydraulic lift system is designed around a heavy-duty axle and powered by a 4-by-8-inch cylinder. 

Fold-Up Hitch

A fold-up hitch allows compact storage of the grain bag loader. The hitch comes complete with a leveling ratchet and bulldog jack.

Auger Clean-Out Door

When you're finished using the grain bagger, use the easy-access door to clean grain out of the auger. 

Safety Warning Lights

Proper lighting is included for safe road transport.

Reliable Performance

Thick steel construction. Off-the-shelf parts. Shear bolt protection. Easy access maintenance panels. Every aspect of the XLB 10 is engineered for durability, reliability and low maintenance.