Conveyor Drive

An optional hydraulic drive replaces the standard mechanical drive. This allows the ability to adjust the material feed rate independent of ground speed, as well as variable rate prescription capabilities.

Spinner Drive

The dual stainless steel spinners come standard with hydraulic drive but can be equipped with an optional 540-RPM PTO drive. A spinner speed sensor with display is also optional.

Banding Attachment

The optional bander at the rear of the spreader deflects the fertilizer and places it in narrow zones or bands to provide a concentrated application. Deflectors on the bander can be adjusted to direct the fertilizer to the desired location, or band width.


Add a top screen to the OS170 to help keep large chunks and foreign material from entering the hopper. (This option isn't compatible with the roll-up cover.)

Roll-Up Cover

A convenient roll-up cover helps protect your fertilizer from the elements. (This option isn't compatible with the top screen.)


11.75-inch hopper extensions are available for added capacity.