Controlled Spinner Drive

A controlled spinner drive option includes a speed sensor and allows the operator to set the desired spinner speed from the cab to match the desired spread width. Simply enter the desired spinner speed, and the spinners will adjust to the programed speed.

Integral Scale

Closely monitor application rates and the amount of material remaining in the hopper with the integral scale option.

Steerable Hitch

An optional steerable hitch provides maximum control of the spreader on sidehills and turns.

90- to 152-Inch Row Spacing

Customers can opt for 90- to 152-inch variable tread width, instead of the standard 80- to 120-inch spacing.


Standard tires on theĀ 12-ton spreaderĀ are 380/90-R46. Customers can also choose dual ready 380/90-R46s; single 480/80-R42s; single or dual ready 320/90-R50s; or no tires.

Roll Tarp

An optional roll tarp can be installed to protect material within the hopper from weather elements.