Fertilizer Equipment

Built to withstand the rigors of transporting and handling fertilizer, the FertiLogix line from Loftness delivers the most innovative and best built equipment in the industry. From transporting fertilizer with our 16-ton FT1600 tender, to applying it with either double-axle FS800 or single-axle RC800 spreaders, we have a solution to meet the challenges faced by farmers and ranchers worldwide.

Performance Fertilizer Application Equipment for Modern Farmers

All FertiLogix products are engineered for longevity and piece of mind. Because of the corrosiveness of fertilizer, stainless steel is used anywhere fertilizer comes in consistent contact.

Loftness fertilizer spreaders boast high durability, superior spread pattern and variable rate capabilities to meet the growing demand for precision application equipment. And the Loftness tender features a rear discharge, two material compartments and heavy-duty construction to withstand the abuse of fertilizer handling applications.