With the prospect of efficiently shredding hundreds of acres of BT corn on the horizon, there is only one piece of equipment you need to consider. The 30-foot Standard Multi-Crop Shredder has the capacity to swing 344 knives at 2,000 RPM. This will definitely bring your crop residue management operations up a notch. Agricultural professionals world wide looking for dependability, versatility and speed, look to the leader in crop residue equipment innovation.

Tailor-Made for Your Crop Residue and Shredding Challenges.

As the leader in crop shredder technology and residue management equipment, Loftness is proud to present the CropLogix line of shredder equipment. With literally millions of acres behind them, each piece of equipment has proven to its owner that Loftness performance delivers success. Whether a standard configuration or customized to meet your unique crop residue challenges, the CropLogix line has one mission in mind – yours.