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Place two windrows next to each other for maximum baling efficiency with the Loftness Windrow Draper 15/20 Side Discharge Shredder. The proven draper design allows unrestricted flow of residue through the machine for trouble-free operation. And the heavy-duty construction provides years of service life, even in the harsh operating conditions of residue management.

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Heavy-Duty Construction

The windrowers feature heavy-duty design, engineering and construction throughout.

280-Horsepower Gearbox

A standard feature on all Loftness shredder equipment, this field-proven and extremely reliable gearbox is rated at 280 HP. It spins the rotor at 1,450 RPM.


Windrower shredders are equipped with a reduced number of 4-1/2-inch-wide hard-surface cupped knives. The unique rotor knife pattern is designed to produce increased suction and enhance chop efficiency. Greater suction means you can operate just a bit higher, reducing the risk of striking hidden objects. This helps make the Windrower a perfect preparation tool for baling corn fodder and other kinds of residue.

Free-Flow Tunnel

This exclusive design from Loftness enhances the high-speed free flow of material from the knife head to the draper.

Flow Deflectors

Shredded material passes over the surface of the curved hood at high speed. As it meets the flow deflectors it is redirected to the center of the draper.

Tunnel Access Doors

The full length of the draper belt and tunnel is accessible through two full-depth hinged canopy doors.

36-Inch Draper Belt

Designed to move massive amounts of shredded crop material to the side diffuser, the draper resists clogging and jamming. Continuous power is provided by a hydraulic motor.

Chop Diffuser

The grate-like diffuser deflects and directs the final chopped residue toward the ground.

Rear Lift

The Windrower offers precise height adjustment for fine-tuning performance and chop. Choose between ratchets or hydraulic adjustment.

4-Groove Banded Belt

Efficient transfer of power via a four-groove banded belt and spring-loaded push-type idler system.

1,000 RPM PTO

1-3/8-inch or 1-3/4-inch 1,000 RPM power takeoff, includes CV knuckle and overrunning clutch on all models.

Pull-Type Hitch
Various Wheel Options


Size20' Pull Type | Wheels: 4 Rear Ridged15' Pull Type | Wheels: 3 Rear Ridged
Standard Height72"72"
Total Depth175"175"
Cutting Width240"180"
Overall Width264"202"
Total Transport Length307"-
Pull-type Hitch Length41.5"41.5"
Transport Hitch Length56"-
Weight in Pounds11,5009,000
Number of Knives (Cupped)6448
Number of Knives (Side-Slice)88
Number of Rotors22
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