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Mulching Heads | Compact Equipment: A Clear-Cut Decision.

August 10, 2012

When it comes to right-of-way and land clearing, the equipment choice is clear-cut. That’s because few machines offer the same level of performance, versatility and safety as PTO-driven horizontal drum mulchers. This makes them ideal for many professional contractors looking for a cost-effective method for mulching thick grass, brush and trees. In many cases, they may already own a suitable tractor for other jobs. Once the decision to purchase a horizontal drum mulcher is made, however, there are several more important choices to make. From cutting teeth options to the drive system, the machines can be configured many different ways to meet individual needs.

First Things First
Before getting too deep into drum mulchers, it’s important to first identify how they will be used. These units can be pushed or pulled behind the tractor for mulching or mowing, but will the operator actually use the machine for multiple applications or just one? By answering this question, a person can make the decision process a little easier. The type of application also helps determine what type of tractor will work best. For mowing applications where the mulcher will mostly be pulled, any tractor with a standard three-point hitch, PTO shaft and operator protection system is fine. However, if the mulchers will be pushed for a large portion of the time, reversible platforms are preferable. Swinging the seat around to face the rear of the tractor provides a much more comfortable and natural position for the operator to work for extended periods of time...

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