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Grain Bagging | Farm Futures: Bag It Up

September 03, 2013

In the four years since Craig Fischer switched from storing most of his wheat in steel bins to gigantic polyurethane bags, he’s cut down significantly on storage expenses and has increased profits. The fourth-generation farmer from Richardton, N.D., estimates annual expenses on storage range from 10 to 12 cents a bushel. Steel bin storage averaged more than $1 per bushel.

Perhaps more important, the bagging system also saves him time.

“It’s amazing how much easier harvest is now, and I don’t have trucks running up and down the road,” says Fischer, a fourth-generation farmer who runs a 13,000-acre farm. “I don’t have trucks parked at elevators and combines full, waiting for trucks to come back. It really helps get rid of the bottleneck at the [grain] elevator, the bottleneck at the grain bin and the bottleneck of not having enough trucking to get to the grain bin. And I can keep an eye on everybody at the same time.”

Experts caution that the product, known as the GrainLogix grain bagging system, is not a silver bullet. Bags are not reusable; plus, the savings in labor and equipment expenses could be impacted by increased hours spent checking bags.

“It still has pluses and minuses,” says Jason Ward, an Extension assistant professor and agricultural engineer at Mississippi State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, who conducted two studies on the grain storage method...

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