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Vegetation Management | Loftness Featured in April ’20 Issue of Compact Equipment

April 01, 2020
The April 2020 issue of Compact Equipment includes several articles featuring input from Loftness VM Logix representatives, as well as product information and a customer story. These articles discuss the Battle Ax and Cool Flow, among other pieces of vegetation management equipment. To read the full version of each story, click the links to go to the corresponding page within t… Continue Reading

Loftness Becomes 100-Percent Employee Owned

January 01, 2020
HECTOR, Minn. — As of January 1, 2020, Loftness Specialized Equipment, Inc. has joined an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). Through this change, the Minnesota-based manufacturer of agricultural and vegetation management equipment is now 100-percent employee owned. “We’re proud to become 100-percent employee owned,” said Gloria Nelson, president and CFO of Loftness. “Our em… Continue Reading

Vegetation Management | Utility Products: Compact Equipment Equals Big Efficiency in Right-of-Way Vegetation Management

June 01, 2019
A large-scale mechanical tree trimmer with a 75-foot boom can tear into towering pines, and a dedicated mulching machine will make mincemeat of the thickest buck brush. But good luck operating these machines along rights-of-way in the middle of an urban development, not to mention the headache of transporting these giants in and out of these areas.Given these constraints, using… Continue Reading

Vegetation Management | Loftness Adds New Vegetation Management Representatives

April 04, 2019
HECTOR, Minn. — Loftness has added two new U.S. sales representatives for its VM Logix line of vegetation management equipment. The new reps offer dedicated support and regional expertise to help better serve Loftness customers as the company expands its product line. Based in Warrensburg, Missouri, Michael Havas is the new representative for the states of Illinois, Missouri, … Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | AgWeb: Eight Secrets Of Grain Bag Storage Success

October 16, 2018
From set up to winter maintenance, you will want to stay on top of grain bag management practices to make sure the storage system is successful. Here are eight ways to do that: You don’t want to place the bags where water will pool around them or in a high-traffic area for hungry wildlife, says Craig Fisher, owner of Antelope Farm Supply in North Dakota. Ideally, you want to… Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | Ag Professional: Prepare For High Yields, High Profits With Grain Bags

October 09, 2018
Because storage could be tight take time to consider alternatives. One option for you to consider—grain bags, which temporarily store grain in the field.“It has been really popular now that people are familiar with the concept and how easy it is to bag and store,” says Doug Haley, who does product development, design and dealer training for Loftness Manufacturing. Loftness is a… Continue Reading

Vegetation Management | North American Oil & Gas Pipelines: New Mulching Head Designs to Sink Your Teeth Into

June 13, 2018
The vegetation management industry has seen some recent changes when it comes to the use of mulching heads on skid steers, excavators and other power units. And the design of mulching heads has also changed to better accommodate operators, helping them become more productive and create a better finish. Here’s what you should know about the latest trends in mulching head design,… Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | Loftness Introduces Bag Baler Attachment

April 18, 2018
Loftness Introduces Bag Baler Attachment for Easy Handling, Recycling of Used Grain Bags HECTOR, Minn. — Loftness Specialized Equipment has introduced a new Grain Bag Baler attachment designed for new and existing models of its GBU10 grain bag unloader. The attachment takes used grain bags directly from the GBU10’s roller and winds them up tightly for tying. The finished bale … Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | Indiana Prairie Farmer: Tips For Storing Grain In Bags

June 23, 2017
One practice gaining traction recently is storing grain in bags. If you choose that route, take the time to make sure your grain will store properly.Dave Nelson, senior vice president of sales for Loftness, provides answers to some basic questions about grain bags.How do you decide where to store bags? Keep in mind that you’ll want access to the bags in all weather conditions a… Continue Reading

Loftness | Farm Equipment: Loftness Marks 60 Years of Manufacturing Innovation

May 06, 2016
HECTOR, Minn. — This year, Loftness Specialized Equipment marks 60 years of manufacturing success in the heart of the upper Midwest. Loftness has grown and expanded as a company since its founder, a Hector, Minn., farmer named Dick Loftness, made a V-type snow blower for his own use. This soon led to the start of Loftness Manufacturing in 1956. In 1979, Dick sold the company to… Continue Reading

Fertilizer Equipment | Minnesota Farm Guide: In 60th year, Loftness moves into fertilizer tenders/spreaders

January 29, 2016
HECTOR, Minn. – Farming is always changing and so is Loftness Specialized Equipment, Inc.Working out of their 80,000-square-feet manufacturing facility just off Highway 212 in Hector, Loftness builds grain baggers, snow removal equipment, forestry and vegetative equipment, crop residue management tools and fertilizer spreaders/tenders.With 75-100 employees that commute from as … Continue Reading

Vegetation Management | Compact Equipment: How to Maintain a Mulching Head Attachment

March 29, 2016
The Harsh Life of Forestry Work Requires Regular Maintenance Few attachments undergo the harsh operating conditions of a mulching head. Between the abrasive work, the debris-filled environment and often hot weather, these attachments have to be built tough to handle all the abuse. But no matter how tough they may be, all mulching heads need regular maintenance to operate at … Continue Reading

Vegetation Management | Roads & Bridges: Go small or go home

September 10, 2015
We live in an age where bigger is better—bigger burgers, bigger flat-screen TVs and, in the world of clearing vegetation, bigger equipment. A large-scale mechanical tree trimmer with a 75-ft boom can tear into towering pines, and a dedicated mulching machine will make mincemeat of the thickest buck brush.  But aside from rural areas offering ample space to maneuver, these behem… Continue Reading

Kwik-Trim | Utility Products: Go Small or Go Home

June 02, 2015
We live in an age where bigger is better--bigger burgers, bigger flat-screen TVs and, in the world of clearing vegetation, bigger equipment. A large-scale mechanical tree trimmer with a 75-foot boom can tear into towering pines, and a dedicated mulching machine will shred the thickest buck brush. But aside from rural areas offering ample space to maneuver, these large machines… Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | Inexpensive, Flexible Grain Storage.

November 24, 2014
Leonard Kopman’s reason for buying a Loftness grain bagging system was pragmatic. He didn’t have enough bin space for his 2011 harvest, and he didn’t want to give his crop away. “I’ve never looked back,” he says. “It’s an outstanding alternative. I’ll never be held hostage to the grain elevator again during harvest.” Grain bagging easily pays for itself with the competitive b… Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | Farm & Ranch Guide: Out of grain bins? Loftness grain bagging system could be answer

October 31, 2014
Grain storage has been at a premium this year with high yields being harvested across the Northern Plains. "We've seen some terrific yields but with prices low, a lot of producers may want to hold on to their high-value grain and wait for better prices," said Dave Nelson, one of the owners of the Loftness Specialized Equipment, based in Hector, Minn. However, extra storage ha… Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | Farm Industry News: Trend Watch

October 08, 2014
Over the weekend I was visiting our family’s long-time friends, Mary, Arlen, and Sheila Hall, who had driven in from Kansas for our annual fishing trip and Arts Meander. Mary mentioned that farmers in her area were bagging their harvested grain this year to avoid the long lines at the elevator. Turns out it’s a trend in other states, too. This morning I received an email from … Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | Minneapolis Star Tribune: More farmers seeking storage are turning to grain bags

October 04, 2014
A near-record harvest, low crop prices and a shortage of storage space are changing the way some farmers store their crops. Across Minnesota and elsewhere, many growers are stuffing corn, wheat and sometimes soybeans into 300-foot polyethylene bags, 10 feet in diameter. The process, called grain bagging, provides temporary storage in farm fields that eliminates the need to wa… Continue Reading

Crop Shredders | Second-Crop Corn Stover

September 16, 2014
Hay land replaced by cornfields could have hurt Brian Alff’s custom baling business in southwest Iowa. Instead, he adapted by adding corn stover baling to his services. His customers recognize the value of harvesting a second crop of what was once considered waste. Alff has learned that using the right equipment makes baling more efficient for a better product worth the extra c… Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | Progressive Farmer: To Bag Or Not To Bag?

August 01, 2014
That’s the question for farmers who need temporary grain storage quickly. John Peterson would rather have permanent grain storage. But grain bags suit his needs just fine for now. Peterson and his father, Steve, farm about 1,500 acres of corn and soybeans near Wakonda, S.D. Five years ago, harvest found them with more grain than bin space because they had picked up some extra… Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | Reuters: U.S. grain farmers resort to giant storage bags to avoid cheap sales

July 23, 2014
As U.S. farmers turn in record grain crops this autumn, many will have a powerful new tool - giant sausage-shaped storage bags - to help them avoid the lowest prices in years and gain more control over trade with giants such as Cargill Inc. Demand has surged this summer for the white polyethylene bags the length of a football field and the equipment required to fill them, acco… Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | Dakota Farmer: Grain Bagging Tips

July 08, 2014
Craig Fisher, Richardton, N.D., and John Anderson, Clifford, N.D., have learned a trick or two about using grain bags. Both use grain bags extensively. Their top tips for bagging grain successfully include: If you plan to buy a bagger, visit a farm and see how they work. Fisher says Loftness – one of several grain manufacturers -- provides videos showing how to set the equipme… Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | Feed & Grain: Thinking Outside the Bin

April 29, 2014
As farming operations grow larger and yields continue their climb higher, many commer­cial grain facilities are faced with the chal­lenge of handling higher volumes. In a lot of cases, the only solution is to pile grain on the ground, due to a lack of fixed storage. However, one South Dakota co-op, tired of dealing with the spoilage from exposed grain, started thinking outside … Continue Reading

Kwik-Trim | Utility Products: A Helpful Solution to Trimming Trees Along Utility Line Right of Ways.

March 01, 2014
For many years, vegetation management contractors have struggled to find a good solution for trimming trees along utility line rights of way. Most will admit the old-fashioned practices of climbing trees and using bucket trucks are time consuming and somewhat dangerous. The central division of Wright Tree Service, however, seems to be one of the few contractors that have discov… Continue Reading

Kwik-Trim | Transmission & Distribution World: Compact Trimmer Speeds Work on Right-of-Way.

October 15, 2013
Westar Energy, like many other electric utilities, is always looking for ways to get through more miles at a lower cost when it comes to vegetation management. This was especially important on a recent project in which the utility had to trim 1,900 miles of distribution right-of-way. Much of the contract included areas that were unreachable with large mechanical trimmers, whic… Continue Reading

Grain Bagging | Ag Web: Record Harvest Equals Storage Snarls, Wide Basis.

September 03, 2013
Record crops and transportation bottlenecks are straining the nation’s grain storage system in ways it hasn’t seen in nearly a decade. That adds up to a lot of grain with nowhere to go and is hitting farmers through the double whammy of low grain prices and wide basis. The problem is particularly acute in the northwestern fringe of the Corn Belt, but not content to quietly acce… Continue Reading

Mulching Heads | Compact Equipment: A Clear-Cut Decision.

August 10, 2012
When it comes to right-of-way and land clearing, the equipment choice is clear-cut. That’s because few machines offer the same level of performance, versatility and safety as PTO-driven horizontal drum mulchers. This makes them ideal for many professional contractors looking for a cost-effective method for mulching thick grass, brush and trees. In many cases, they may already o… Continue Reading

Kwik-Trim | Electric Energy Online: Michigan tree trimmer uses compact equipment for distribution rights-of-way.

August 01, 2012
When it comes to clearing the strips of land along utility lines, or the rights-of-way, many contractors have struggled to find an efficient method of trimming trees. For open areas, manufacturers have developed large-scale mechanical trimmers equipped with saw blades mounted on long booms. But for distribution lines in metropolitan areas and other confined spaces, contractors … Continue Reading

Kwik-Trim | Utility Products: In a Tight Spot.

June 01, 2012
Michigan tree trimmer uses compact equipment for distribution rights-of-way. When clearing the strips of land along utility lines, or the rights-of-way, many contractors have struggled to find an efficient method of tree trimming. For open areas, manufacturers have developed large-scale mechanical trimmers equipped with saw blades mounted on long booms. But, for distribution li… Continue Reading