Grain Bagging

"The GBL fixes a huge bottle neck."
GrainLogix GBL Grain Bag Loader -
"Simple, fast, reliable & effecient."

GrainLogix GBU Grain Bag Unloader -
"Simple, fast, reliable & effecient."

GrainLogix TA Truck Unloading Auger -
"Simple, fast, reliable & effecient."

Time/Money Savings with GrainLogix bagging system - "#1 - We can't keep up with trucks during harvest. The GBL fixes a huge bottle neck. Also the fact that my trucks are not running wide open down gravel roads helps with the safety aspect. #2 - No more lines at the elevator and no more storage expense like $ .06 per bu. per month... call me if you want more, I could go on and on."

Bagged 300,000 to 800,000 (custom bagging) bushels of Wheat & Corn in 10' dia. x 300 ft. bags. Kept in storage for 6 to 18 months.

Craig Fisher
(Richardton, North Dakota)

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Crop Shredders

"Saves me a trip over the field"

Most Desirable Feature: "This shredder mows and windrows in one trip, which saves me a trip over the field. I also like that the corn fodder is processed after going through the shredder, so I can add it to the cattle rations with no extra work."

Time/Money Savings with CropLogix Windrowing Shredder: "I can mow and windrow in one trip, which saves time and fuel. The bedding is extremely clean (no dirt from raking) which causes less wear on my equipment and makes it more marketable when I sell."

Bales 500 acres per year of Corn used for bedding, feed & ethanol production.

Jason Wiles
(Creston, Ohio)

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