Meet The Team

Name & Title Department Ext. # Email
Gloria Nelson
(owner) President/CFO
Administration, Financial 133 Email Gloria
Steve Nelson
(owner) Sr. VP - Marketing
Literature, Website & Sales 111 Email Steve
Dave Nelson
(owner) Sr. VP - Sales
National & International Sales 134 Email Dave
Lynn Ziegler
Sales Manager
V.P. of Sales & Marketing 122 Email Lynnz
Dave Davis
Accounting & Finance 160 Email Dave
Ed Fletcher
Operations Director
Production, Engineering 161 Email Ed
Steve Haley
Production Director
Production, Warehouse 152 Email Steve
Doug Haley
Product Support Supervisor
Technical Support & Sales 110 Email Doug
Bill Schafer
Product Development Supervisor
Engineering, Sales & Service 140 Email Bill
Lee Larson
Inside Sales Coordinator
Sales & Service 150 Email Lee
Adam Goblish
Project Engineer
Engineering 119 Email Adam
Jeff Tenney
Project Designer
Engineering 143

Email Jeff

Chris Schramm
Project Designer
Engineering 142

Email Chris

Randy Otto
Project Designer

Engineering 164  Email Randy
Jared Stowell
Production Controller
Production 155 Email Jared
Brad Peterson
Shop Floor Manager
Production, Sales & Service 151 Email Brad
Dan Krueger
Purchasing Coordinator
Purchasing 141 Email Dan
Dave Fischer
Parts Supervisor
Parts & Service 146 Email Dave
Doug Grussing
Purchasing Coordinator
Purchasing 123 Email Doug
Kerry Kadelbach
Office Supervisor
Order Processing 132 Email Kerry
Brenda Jensen
Accounting Supervisor
Accounts Payable & Receivable 130 Email Brenda
Cheryl Schmalz
Literature Coordinator
Literature Requests 131 Email Cheryl