Carbide Cutter G3. Now available with V-Drive - Variable Displacement Drive.

Introducing the Carbide Cutter G3

Heavy Duty Carbide Cutter G3 by Loftness

Three Generations of cutting edge innovation.


With field-proven rugged durability, the refined and balanced design of the Carbide Cutter G3 has made it the "gold standard" in the vegetation management industry. With the newest generation, Loftness has incorporated the latest power drive systems and cutting tooth technologies.

Put the power, reliability and confidence of Loftness VMLogix Equipment behind your ROW and Vegetation Management operations.

The Loftness Advantage.  Design innovations that put your on the leading edge of performance.
  1. Precisely engineered spiral tooth pattern ensures single tooth contact with the work surface at any one time.

  2. Machined Bearing "Anti-Wrap" design protects from debris and wrapping of vines.

  3. Staggered counter teeth double the cutting action.

  4. Optional Primary Stage Shear Bar processes material for a fine mulch.

  5. The optional V-Drive is a powerful productivity booster.

  6. Triple Pass High precision robotic welds on rotor tooth mounts are extra long for increased strength and life.

  7. All body components are laser cut.

  8. Extensive use of "Hardox" Swedish steel in high wear areas.

The innovative G3 carbide cutter hitch andle and multi-stage body design eliminates the need for a moving door.  An optional 2nd shear bar can be bolted to the row of counter teeth for extra fine mulching.

Two-Stage Cutting Chamber

Like the Timber Ax and the G2, the Carbide Cutter G3 features a Two-Stage Cutting Chamber with counter teeth and a shear bar for more efficient cutting action, smaller particle size and less wrapping with viney material. This highly efficient shearing action produces the finest mulch with the lowest horsepower requirement of any carbide mulching head. The multi-stage cutting action begins with the rotor picking up material and forcing it to pass between the moving carbide teeth and the stationary counter teeth. The staggered pattern and angles of the counter teeth promote an aggressive feeding action, while still minimizing the jamming that plagues competitive cutters. The partially reduced material is then contained in the cutting chamber behind the front bumper. Here, the material is processed to a fine mulch as it passes between the carbide teeth and the recutter bar before being discharged toward the ground.

Optional Primary Stage Shear Bar

For special applications requiring extra fine mulching, an optional Primary Stage Shear Bar can be bolted to the row of counter teeth. This dual chipping action will process the material to the finest particle size of any carbide mulching head in the industry.

An added benefit of using the optional Primary Stage Shear Bar is that it helps prevent log or root balls from jamming the rotor.

Special body shape and hitch angle

The special body shape and hitch angle provide all the benefits of a moving door, without the hassle. This means:

  • No need to add auxiliary valve and controls on skid-steer

  • No extra cylinder and hoses

  • No extra moving parts

The Carbide Cutter G3

Delivering Power - Maximizing Versatility.

Carbide Cutter G3 Felling Large Standing Trees

Felling Large Standing Trees

Special body shape and hitch angle allow the cutter to be rolled back enough to expose knives when cutting through trees. This eliminates the need for a hydraulic door.

Carbide Cutter G3 Shaving off Large Material

Shaving off
Large Material

Rear of cutter can be lowered to contact the trunk to control cutting depth and to help prevent logs from being ejected to the rear.

Carbide Cutter G3 Reverse Mulching

Reverse Mulching

By tilting forward as you back up, the downed material is pulled up against the counter teeth or optional shear bar for more efficient cutting and finer particle size. The built-in recutter bar at the discharge assures that material is further reduced and directed toward the ground.

Carbide Cutter G3 Forward Mulching

Forward Mulching

Special body shape and hitch angle allow the rear of cutter to be lowered close to ground level, trapping material in the cutting chamber to be processed between the teeth and the shear bar.


Features that have one mission in mind - yours

Rugged reliability and simplicity give the Carbide Cutter G3 the consistent on-demand performance that Vegetation Management and Right-Of-Way operators need. The Carbide Cutter line started with a vision to produce a higher performance cutting and mulching head. Now, through three generations of relentless field use and refinement, the Carbide Cutter G3 has earned the reputation as the finest machine in its class. The result is a machine with performance that surpasses expectations every time.


Carbide Cutter G3 Performance Chart
Model: 61CCH 71CCH
(A) Height in Inches: 78 88
(B) Overall Width in Inches: 78 88
(C) Cutting Width: 61 71
(D) Overall Length: 37 37
Number of Knives: 36 42
Weight in Pounds: 2277 2409
Crated Weight in Pounds: 2577 2759
Fixed Displaement GPM: 31-42 31-42
Max PSI Fixed Displacement: 6000 6000
Variable Displacement GPM: 31-42 31-42
Max PSI Variable Displacement: 6000 6000


Carbide Cutter G3 V-Drive

Upgrade to an increase in efficiency and power usage

The Loftness V-Drive provides you with an expanded working RPM range, giving the operator a much higher, explosive knife tip speed under light loads. As working loads increase, the V-Drive will automatically convert RPM energy into increased torque. All this allows the operator to concentrate on the job instead of power settings and continuous head repositioning.

Operators will experience more effective use of power as the head RPM increases under lighter loads allowing them to slice through smaller or more flexible growth, as well as when they back-drag to regrind material on the ground. As larger trees, trunks and stumps are engaged, the V-Drive sensing logic continuously monitors the load and seamlessly increases the drive displacement to increase torque. As the cutting head is disengaged from an extreme load, the V-Drive recovers cutting head RPM much faster then standard fixed displacement motors.

V-Drive Graph showing torque and rpms

The Best of Both Worlds

Every Loftness Standard Fixed Displacement Motor is meticulously calibrated at a constant RPM that provides the optimal balance between speed and torque.

Upgrading to the V-Drive Variable Displacement Motor provides you with a variable rotor RPM range. The V-Drive on board logics balance torque at higher RPM's giving explosive action under lighter loads. Conversely, the wider RPM range allows us to adjust the RPM lower than the standard motor under heavier loads. This provides massive torque when you need it most.

Carbide Cutter Knives
Standard Carbide

Loftness Standard Carbide teeth are the industry "gold standard". The most rugged heavy-duty tooth available, they are designed to withstand the full gamut of operating conditions crew members work in every day, from ground contact to tree top. The Standard Carbide design offers a blend of aggressive cutting action, rugged construction and low cost.

Planer Carbide

Loftness offers the Planer Carbide as the only planer tooth in the industry with carbide tips. For your maintenance shop, this means no sharpening is required. The Planer Carbide was designed to be sharper and stay sharper longer, and fits in the middle of the curve between ground contact Standard Carbides and blades that require sharpening. Because of the sharper cutting edge and the brittle nature of the carbide material, the Carbide Planer teeth are best suited for loamy soils with less rocks.

New - Quadco Blade Carbide

The New Loftness Hardened Steel Quadco Blade is the latest innovation in the mulching tooth line-up. The Quadco looks like an axe and cuts like ten. The reversible and ultra sharp heat-treated steel knife edges effortlessly slice through tree and vegetation matter as opposed to shredding and tearing. This design uses less horsepower and produces a finer chip.

Quadco teeth come with everything required to convert from a conventional carbide tooth to the slicing action of a sharp heat-treated steel blade. Additionally, the Quadco is reversible. Once installed, simply remove one bolt to rotate the tooth for a fresh, sharp cutting edge - on site.

To further extend the blade life and your budget, Quadco blades can be sharpened in the shop or right on the machine with a portable grinder. Quadco teeth can endure ground contact, but are not intended for rocky conditions.

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