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  • SnowLogix Snow Removal Equipment. Fifty Years Of Proven Excellence. There is no better proving ground then the snowdrift swept plains of the Midwest. With over fifty years of field proven dependability, the refined design and balanced power of Loftness SnowLogix equipment has made the line the 'Gold Standard' of the snow removal equipment industry.
  • Designed to perform. Engineered to last. Build for you. The Loftness SnowLogix Advantage.
  • Get ready to attack winter with confidence.


From the first weld to the shipping label, every Loftness employee is dedicated to providing their snow management customer with the quality product they need to power through the most demanding snow removal conditions.


Rear mounting for better weight distribution and traction allows you to make use of your tractor's front-end loader. Quick-tach skid steer blowers allow easy use of bucket and other attachments.


Replaceable, bolted-on, hardened steel cutting edges along with adjustable skid-shoes will meet your specific ground conditions.


Finely tuned two-stage design channels every ounce of power. When you hit the drifts-it shows.

Skid-Steer Standard Flow 15/20
Skid steer Standard Flow 15/20 Skid-Steer Mount Hydraulic Drive

Skid steer Standard Flow 15/20

Designed specifically for use with mid-sized skid steers, there is an SF series model that matches your equipment specifications. All SF models are hydraulically driven with flow requirements from 15 to 20 GPM.

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Snow Blower from every angle.
Skid-Steer 21/40
Skid-Steer 21/40 High Flow Hydraulic Drive

Skid steer High Flow 21/40

Designed specifically for use with larger skid steers with flow requirements from 21 to 40 GPM. Heavy-duty construction throughout, the HF Series has been designed for punishing use and extreme conditions, winter after winter.

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Snow Blower from every angle.
L Series 16/35
L Series 16/35 PTO drive, Three-point Hitch

L Series 16/35

The highly efficient two-stage L Series rear-mounted snow blower delivers all of the Loftness design and engineering advantages to your light duty tractor. Available in 60 and 72 inch widths, the L Series attaches to your machine with a three-point hitch and 540 RPM PTO, and has horsepower requirements of 16 to 35, depending on width.

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Snow Blower from every angle.
S Series 35/120
S Series 35/120 PTO Drive, Three-point Hitch

S Series 35/120

The S Series delivers a broader range of performance for operations that require more speed and capacity. Designed to match the capabilities of most mid-sized tractors, the S Series delivers more performance with higher cutting heights with wider single and dual auger choices. Efficient clearing of longer drives or parking lots in deeper snow conditions can be realized with 35 to 120 horsepower and 540 PTO.

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Snow Blower from every angle.
H Series 100/200
H Series 100/200 PTO Drive, Three-Point Hitch

H Series 100/200

Loftness recognized the need for a heavy-duty dual auger snow blower that can handle more power and throw snow even further. The rear-mounted H Series blasts through heavy drifts and wet snow with direct drive to the powerful 30 inch fan. Engineered and constructed with heavier components to endure extreme conditions and usage, the H Series requires 100 to 200 horsepower and 540 or 1000 RPM PTO.

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Snow Blower from every angle.
I Series 140/200
I Series 140/200 PTO Drive, Three-point Hitch

I Series 140/200

Industrial duty and size, the I Series delivers maximum capacity with the choice of a two or three auger design. Built for larger tractors with tall tires, the I Series provides the additional capacity with a massive 36 inch fan. Offered with a complete list of options, the I Series is the ultimate in industrial snow removal equipment requiring 140-200 horsepower and 1000 RPM PTO.

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Snow Blower from every angle.


Features that clear the path to higher performaance

Designed to perform.

As you power through the latest snowfall, you'll understand what we mean. Every Loftness SnowLogix model has been designed to efficiently utilize every bit of power your equipment can deliver.

Engineered to last.

We've pushed our equipment to the breaking point, and then engineered it to withstand even more. Heavy-duty materials and components throughout every model ensure that your snow blower operates with "like-new" performance year after year.

Built for you.

Loftness knows the demands snow can put on your operation. That's why we've developed a complete line of snow removal equipment to take on any condition and mate up with most any type of skid steer or tractor. The snow has you covered, and so do we.

Balanced power and two-stage efficiency
Loftness snow blowers incorporate a two-stage design. Not only does this design throw snow further, it delivers the best use of power allowing you to work in any snow condition. The energy your equipment delivers to the snow blower is split between the first and second stages ensuring maximum capacity and performance.
Open spoke auger design
The augers incorporate an open-spoke design that increases efficiency when slicing through hard or packed snow. The design also allows wet and sticky snow to pass through, preventing clogs and build-up. Dual and triple auger designs provide you with the best performance possible in deep or drifting snow.
Optimized discharge fan
The blade design of the discharge fan has been optimized to capture and move massive amounts of snow. Close tolerance between the blade tips and fan housing ensure maximum efficiency and capacity.
Standard Mounting
Tractor-mounted models have either category I, II or III standard three-point hitches. Larger units require a quick-hitch to hook-up. Skid steer models have the universal skid steer mounting plate.
Cutting Edge
Loftness cutting edges are made from hardened steel for long lasting durability. All models have a replaceable, bolt-on cutting edge. Adjustable skid shoes keep the cutting edge at the optimal distance from the ground.
Structural design
To meet our high standards of quality, all structural components are computer-designed and laser-cut. Reinforced steel endplates, heavy gage welded bodies and extreme-duty mounts ensure that your equipment will maintain its performance year after year.
Standard parts
Using heavy-duty construction throughout, Loftness snow removal equipment incorporates the highest quality components available. Heavy-duty bearings and chain are readily available from your local Loftness dealer or at most farm or industrial parts supply stores.


Loftness - Specialized Equipment. Unlimited Innovation.

Committed to our customers' success and the power of innovation.

The power of innovation comes from truly understanding a customer's challenges and goals. Whatever the challenge, Loftness is dedicated to ensuring customer success by delivering focused design and engineering excellence with unmatched quality and craftsmanship.

Loftness Equipment -
Delivering value by seeing challenges as opportunities.

When searching for equipment that is productive and reliable, built with exceptional quality, and engineered to have long-lasting reliability, Land, Vegetation, and Agricultural Management professionals look to Loftness as the innovation leader in the specialized equipment industry.

Because Loftness understands the critical nature of snow removal, snow blowing professionals will immediately see value in supporting their snow removal operations with the SnowLogix line of products.