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  • Windrower 12/20 Center Discharge Shredder. Maximize Your Crop Residue Potential. Exclusive Loftness shroud design. Optimal particle size for corn stover. Produces clean strong windrows. Loftness cupped knives with 1450 RPM.
  • Windrow Draper 20 Side Discharge Shredder. Field proven performance. Dual windrow efficiency.
  • VMLogix Forestry and vegetation equipment. Pour on the power. The new V-Drive equipped Carbide Cutter G3 from Loftness.
  • CropLogix Residue Management Equipment. Out here, performance means success. Tailor-made for your crop residue and shredding challenges.
  • GrainLogix Grain Bag Storage Systems. Reliable Performance. Take Complete Command of Your Grain Bag Storage Operations.
Learn more about GrainLogix's superior performance grain bagging equipment. Bringing grain bagging performance to a whole new level. Learn more about CropLogix's heavy duty multi-crop shredders and windrowers. Tailor-made to meet your crop residue and shredding challenges. Learn more about VMLogix's cutting edge forestry and vegetation equipment. Design innovation that puts you on the leading edge of performance. Learn more about SnowLogix's professional grade snow removal equipment. Extreme duty equipment from the snow removal experts. Learn more about Loftness' other innovative tools, and attachments. Improve your bottom line with these heavy-duty tools and attachments.